“Few solo independent artists have single-handedly pulled off what mBlu accomplishes with ‘Mr. Spaceman’ – a perfect record!  The glorious music will leave you speechless.”  

- Rick Jamm, Jamshpere Magazine


Michael Blu creates unforgettable sonic-tapestries, rhythms and combinations exploring music that wildly fuses rock, pop, funk, acoustic and electro elements to create music that lifts the soul.

Unique unto his own - Blu’s experimental, free and poetic nature reflects his true gift to communicate and express himself through music.

As you listen to his inspiring melodies and catchy rhythms, you’ll hear the positive messages and genuine emotions as he sings. And with sound-insight on self-development, self-appreciation and philosophical quandaries; enough to where you may even question the meaning of your own life!

Once his catchy, uplifting and positive songs work their true magic on your body, soul & mind… you’ll find yourself reflecting on the most beautiful elements of your dreams, your love-life and the limitless possibilities of where you can truly take this reality of yours.

While Blu feels personally aligned in spirit with the awakening worldwide-soul and expanding social-consciousness unifying us all throughout the globe - his approach to music cannot be compared to any other artist’s style, sound or musical-genre.
He is simply Blu.

His music resonates with the honesty of an artist truly unafraid to share his depth, leaving you feeling like you’ve known him somehow in a past-life with the comfortable & warm, inviting tones of his voice & melodies.